What Are The Long Term Effects Of A Paracetamol Overdose?

Four years ago I overdosed several times on paracetamol. I cant remember the quantity. Since then Ive also had an eating disorder. Im not at any risk of self harm now as I have already dealt with many of those issues, but I was wondering what sort of long term effects I can expect … if I havent had any effects yet, should I be concerned?
Ive also had several blood tests since then. None of which picked up anything, but I assume they werent liver function tests?.

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  1. Checking the liver is usually not a routine
    blood test. I would ask the doctor if
    he could do the tests that do check the
    liver: this would be the liver enzymes,
    the liver function tests and also the
    viral tests. This way you would have
    a good idea as to how your liver is
    working and if there may be inflammation
    or damage to the cells. It would be
    worth it to give you peace of mind.
    Inflammation caught early on in the liver
    can sometimes be treated and if the
    cause of it is stopped, like stop the
    taking of this medication…there is a good
    chance the any harm done can be reversed.
    However, if it is there and not treated,
    it can lead to death of the liver cells and
    The liver is a very quiet organ as far
    as showing any signs or symptoms of
    a problem, until the cells do die and form
    scar tissue inside the liver and the cells
    are unable to do the functions they once
    did to keep the body healthy. Many patients
    are walking around with a liver problem and
    do not even know it.
    Since you have a eatting disorder and
    also have overdoses on this drug…it
    would be in your best interests to inform
    the doctor of this and also have special
    testing done. Almost every medication
    goes through the liver first for processing
    and being broken down before going to
    the rest of the body to be used.
    I hope you find out that everything is fine.

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