What Do You Predict For The Next Super Weightloss Drug, Acomplia?

The first FDA approved drug for the endocannabinoid system is about to be prescribed for weightloss, followed by smoking cessation. Do you think it is a superdrug? It’s side-effects include increased memory! Whoa! What do you think?
Drug name: Acomplia (aka. Rimonabant, aka. SR141716) from Sanofi-Aventis.

6 thoughts to “What Do You Predict For The Next Super Weightloss Drug, Acomplia?”

  1. Well it doesn’t look like it is a superdrug for weightloss and I think you are not objective about the drug. I bet it has some negative side effects. If it doesn’t then I think it would be used as a drug for anything other than weightloss. Most likely it will be used for smoking cessation or for increasing short term memory and the doctor would tell you that you would lose 20 pounds a year as a side effect. It might even be prescribed for Korsakoff’s Syndrome in addition to Thiamine.

  2. There are no superdrugs, as there are no supermen.Or – at least – I don’t like this terminology. I don’t like to exagerate in my life. This can be an effective medicine that will help in weight loss, as other did in the past. And why should we underevaluate Xenical(active substance : orlistat, company : Roche) that has another meccanism of action of course, but has been proven effective and having very few(known) adverse reactions?
    As you have posted your Q, I can’t understand if you refer to the economical success of the matter or to the acceptance by the public, as a breakthrough medicine.
    From my experience, I think that the economical success will depend mostly from his prescription for smoking cessation, at least in Europe. This bad habbit is very frequent and I have more clients in my pharmacy asking about help for smoking cessation than loosing weight.
    Anyway, it is an interesting issue and I will try to come back afterwork(today, I am on duty in the pharmacy)and explain the meccanisms of action of the medicines that I have mentioned above, if somebody else will not do it before me.

  3. We actually just had a seminar on this drug today. The drug Acomplia is a inverse agonist for the cannabinoid recptors. in other words, it does the opposite of smoking marajuana. it is supposed to be an appetite suppressant, increase short term memory, smoking cessation. Clinical studies showed that the drug only caused a very moderate weight loss – about 20 pounds in a year. Not really that great. But they are marketing it as a drug that would increase the quality of life. There is some kind of marketing/pharmacy phrase for it, but i can’t remember it right now.
    The financial success of the drug will be pretty good from what i understand. The research on cannabinoid receptors is really taking off right now.
    gokay05tac – the one major concern about a side effect is dysphoria. in other words, if some one is depressed and takes this drug, it might complicate the matter. that could be a major concern especially if it is recommended for weight loss in a person that eats when they are depressed.

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