What Foods Can I Eat After Taking A Bulk Load Of Paracetamol, Nothing Too Heavy Just To Line My Stomach?

Also, is it safe to drink lots of water to flush the Paracetomol out?.

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  1. Drink milk but noot in vast quantities but do not drink a lot of water – no more than 2 litres a day… it will help flush out any toxic metabolites that may be still in your liver… however you do not want to drink too much water as your liver and kidneys will be still under unnessecary strain…. you should check that your liver has not been damaged already as paracetamol can be one of the most damaging medicines to the liver due to its metabolites although this is probably unlikely

  2. how many have you taken?
    the safe max daily dose for a healthy adult for paracetamol is 2 tabs 4 times a day (500mg x 2 x 4 doses = 4g or 8 tabs per day) if you have any type of liver impairment (hepatitis, alcoholism, anorexia etc.) or are under the age of 12 then the max daily dose is usually lower.
    if you take too much paracetamol it causes the buildup of a toxin in the liver which kills liver cells, the dose you need for this is pretty high.
    if you take a dose over 12g in a day (24 tabs) then you need to seek medical help. They will give you activated charcoal which absorbes the paracetamol in your gut… but if the paracetamol is already absorbed into you blood (after about an hour) then its too late for this usually.
    If over an hour has elapsed and you took an overdose then you need I.V. N-acetylcysteine which will protect you liver from producing the toxin, therefore preventing liver damage. This works best if administered in the first 8 hours… otherwise it can help in the first 24 hours.
    the thing with paracetamol poisoning is that initially you feel sick then you feel better then you can all of a sudden a week or two later develop symptoms of liver failure…. this is serious **** and not cool.
    please don’t take more than the recommended dose of paracetamol, food will not do much to stop the absorption. it may slow it a wee bit but it will still end up in your blood in the end. i don’t think drinking lots of water will help, but drinking up to 3L won’t harm you.
    if you are taking a bulk load because of pain then you need to try other alternative if paracetamol isn’t helping: ibuprofen can be taken in combination with paracetamol, or codeine. talk to your pharmacist or dr.
    i hope you ok… if you took to much go see you dr. or hospital.. or ring a poisons help line they are the experts

  3. Don’t really know what you mean but if you have overdosed you need to go to A&E immediately and they may not be able to save your liver. Paracetamol destroys your liver and this happens at relatively low doses – do not delay.

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