What is "Flu"?

“The flu” is an infection caused by the influenza virus. Flu symptoms include fever (usually 100?F to 103?F or > 37,8? C) in adults, and sometimes higher in children and problems such as cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, headaches, muscle aches, fever and extreme tiredness.
Many people use the term “flu” to mean any combination of these symptoms, such as the common cold, but true influenza infection is often worse and may last longer than a cold.
Flu outbreaks happen about once a year, usually in the winter, when the influenza virus spreads widely in the community. Outside of those outbreaks only a very tiny number of respiratory infections are caused by the influenza virus.

Should I get a flu shot?
TAMIFLU is not a substitute for a flu vaccination. If according to your health care professional’s advice you should continue to get a flu vaccination every year, TAMIFLU can be added if prescribed..

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