What Is The Difference Between Zolpidem Tartrate And Zolpidem?

I know one is Generic and can be bought in other countries and the other is still holding a patent in the U.S,.

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  1. Zolpidem is the generic form of Ambien.
    There is an ER (extended release) form known as Ambien CR (controlled release).
    “tartrate” is just a term describing the “form” the drug comes in. Zolpidem (Ambien) comes as a tablet in tartrate form (in a salt form). I believe the tartrate form is the only form zolpidem and Ambien are manufactured…at least in the U.S.
    Thus Zolpidem and Zolpidem Tartrate are exactly the same thing and have the exact same effect on the body.
    Now then:
    In the U.S., only Ambien is available…the brand name, and this by prescription only. It is a Schedule IV drug, too…so the prescription can only be written by a practitioner with a DEA number (Drug Enforcement Agency). This is because it is potentially addictive and has high abuse potential.
    Outside the U.S., the generic form of Ambien is available….and this is called zolpidem (typically the Brand name is capitalized and the generic name is not, but this notation is not always followed by everybody).
    All brand name drugs can eventually be sold as the generic in the U.S. (if another competing company should so choose to manufacture it), after a certain number of years…and perhaps that will happen with Ambien in the future.
    But for all practical purposes:
    Ambien = Zolpidem = Zolpidem Tartrate
    Hope this helps!

  2. Zolpidiem tartrate has got the tartar, tartrate version is shaped like a little football, and zolpidiem is a circle. I have taken both at the same mg level and zolpidiem tartrate is slightly more effective than regular zolpidiem. It depends on what pharmacy you go as to which one you will get.

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