What Is The Least Expensive Online Pharmacy To Buy Rimonabant?

Has anyone recently had good effects/weight loss from using this generic Acomplia? I want Phentermine but can’t find it and i’ve heard good things about Remonabant..

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  1. this is a good source. have got good info about acomplia.
    also price comparison of cheapest trusted pharmacies for brand acomplia and generic acomplia (rimonabant)

  2. I have also started acomplia since it is hard to get good Phentermine these days and phen started to show some real nasty side effects. Any online pharmacy who still claims it has got phen is sure a scam site.
    Acomplia also show very good results. been taking it for over 3 months now. Ordered from this site – http://www.1rx.biz/generic_acomplia.html . Took 10 days to receive the stuff.

  3. You can save some money if you order meds online, just check the pharmacies very careful before you buy anything.
    Here are some tips from my experience with online drugstores.
    One thing I know for sure – do not buy anything from a pharmacy that sends spam emails, I know a few guys who been ripped that way, including myself. Also avoid pharmacies that have got well known SCAM products on their product lists (like penis/breast enlargement pills, viagra for women and other questionable “products”) It is a very big chance that their prescription meds are also fake.
    When you have found something that looks like a good and trusted pharmacy, check if the pharmacy has got a live support chat or a support phone number. If you have any doubts I suggest to contact the support staff before placing any orders, because if your shipping will be delayed or if there will be any other problems, it is better you have already tested the quality of support they can provide. Also ask the support what are their shipping and refund policies.http://www.half-price-pharmacy.net probably is one of the cheapest sites online. Have ordered a couple times, the meds work ok, just as the ones I can get at Wal Mart. It is from the UK and I feel much better ordering from a British pharmacy than a pharmacy from India or Mexico.

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