What Is The Maximum Period Of Time One Can Use Valium?

What tmaximum period of time is considered safe for using valium? I am having sleeping problems and my doctor prescribbed me with Valium (5 mg) and Ciprelex (5 mg). I am afraid it might hurt me. Plz help me as I am too concerned. Thanx in advance. .

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  1. Valium is highly addictive what is your doctor thinking of. Yes be concerned, Two weeks maximum. Out of all the Benzodiazepines Valium is one of the most addictive. If a doctor prescribes a tranq for sleep it should be a milder brand like Ativan, Rivotril or Xanax.
    I was addicted to Valium when it was the only one around. Years later I had to go back on tranqs for anxiety but there are safer brands created.
    There are sleeping pills that are milder than Benzos but the best is the anti-depressant Trazadone, which can be taken with Ciprelex – it’s non-habit forming.http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/sleepin

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