What Would Happen If A Dog Ate The Prescription Drug Valium?

My father in law has neglected the family dog and it needs to see a vet…so in order to sedate her they attempted to give her a dose of valium…unsuccessful. i just wanted to know what would have happened if they were successful?.

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  1. If they were successful administering a prescribed dose of Valium (prescribed specifically for the dog by a qualified vet) the dog would have been relaxed and sleepy. The dog would have been taken to the vet to get treatment for an unnecessary condition of its health but not for for the emotional and psychological trauma of the neglect. Try adding an overdose of Valium to your father-in-law’s cocoa and hope that it sends him somewhere where he will never be able to inflict misery on this poor animal ever again. He needs shooting – him, not the dog!

  2. This could kill your dog !!
    If the dog needs sedating that badly then get the dog to come to the house.
    The vets are professionals and know what they are doing.
    Its never right to give a pet human medication

  3. who attempted to give the dog vallium ?your relatives or the vet? if the vet was trying to administer the drug then he would be giving it a safe dose and it would make the animal calm and sleepy enough to be examined without trying to bite the vet.if the drug was to be administered successfully by someone other than a vet it could overdose the animal and kill it.

  4. Valium is often given if a dog is having seizures. It stops the seizures. I think it might be used also to calm the dog down, make him less nervous.

  5. though the drug valium is prescribed to both humans and dogs, they are not of equal strength or even chemical equation. It could fatal consequences to your animal

  6. get the appropriate sedation from the vet add it to food there you go.
    2 questions why was it neglected and if you say father in law is old or sick its the family responsibility.
    should face a penalty similar to being cruel to children

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