What Would Happen In The Usa If A Bird Flu Panademic Happend?

Would the economy be put on hold and will everyone be forced to stay at home? Will people wear surgical masks? Does Tamiflu work? Why is the vaccine still not available?.

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  1. The world economy will take a massive hit during the time the virus is in a pandemic phase; not just the US. The virus, in this phase, will impact the entire planet almost simultaneously due to the fast plane schedules, etc.
    The 1918 flu circulated the globe in just a few weeks. The movement of troops during the war accelerated its dispersion; it would more apt to spread quicker in this day and age.
    People may be forced to stay home depending on how critical their individual jobs are determined to be. How will that happen; I don’t know that.
    There is a definite benefit to physical barriers as was discovered in the 1918 flu epidemic. Not absolutely perfect, but inhibiting the droplet spread is crucial to keep transmission possibilities lower.
    Tamiflu works to some extent, but has its own drawbacks. The real danger from this avian influenza will be how your body responds. In the 1918 flu pandemic, the majority of deaths resulted from the overwhelming immune response of the host, not the infective nature of the virus. Statistics show that the majority of the deaths were not the very young and very old as is expected, but with the median population age (ie. the most healthy of any society) aged 18-45.
    According to the FDA:
    No one can predict which influenza virus subtype (strain) will cause the next pandemic. Several factors affect the effectiveness of influenza vaccines. One major factor is the degree to which circulating strains and influenza vaccine strains are similar. If the pandemic virus strain is substantially different from the H5N1 virus contained in the vaccine, it is unlikely that the existing vaccine would be effective. It is possible that the next influenza pandemic will be caused by a strain of influenza that does not belong to the H5N1 subtype. Both of these scenarios would require development of a new vaccine. If the influenza pandemic strain turns out not to be a perfect match with the vaccine strain, it does not necessarily mean that the vaccine can’t be used; studies have shown that influenza vaccine may provide some immunity against strains that are somewhat different.
    Hope this helps.

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