What's The Percent Chance Of Dying From Swine Flu If You Take Tamiflu?

I want to know my chances. I know it’s 7% if I don’t take tamiflu. It’s pretty much inevitable that I’m going to get it being that a dozen people in my area already have it. I’ll try to stay inside I guess..

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  1. Well, percentagilly speaking, and as a renowned expert in statistical excellence (USCSE member) you would have a 50/50 chance of surviving with the added boost of Tami flu. On the one hand, based on the probability of death by swine flu versus the probability of surviving based on physiogionimic changes from the assimilation of enhanced histamine blockers, you would most certainly be opening yourself up to, quite simply, the toss of a coin.

  2. Taking Tamiflu may boost the immune system, which ironically could be more dangerous if exposed to the virus. A specific % chance of fatality is incalculable (everyone reacts differently) but consider the following information:
    “In past flu pandemics, young and healthy adults who were more likely to be affected than the very young or elderly. This is because their bodies showed an overreaction of their immune response, with respiratory-system inflammation that was ultimately deadly. A stronger immune system fighting those infections meant an overly strong response and greater odds of fatality.”[Source 1]
    “… [people in their] 20s and 30s and 40s, this hospital behind me, they say that’s been the bulk of their patients with regard to swine flu.”-CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta [Source 2]

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