3 thoughts to “Where Can I Buy Cheap Original Tamiflu Online With Out Prescription?”

  1. Actually Tamiflu is not a cheap medication and I am sure the price will rise if the situation will not improve.
    I remember a few years ago when everyone was afraid of the bird flu I used to buy Tamiflu from EU online clinics. Here are a few good ones listed http://www.pharmacy-reviews.co.uk They sell only branded medicines made in the UK or EU and their doctor give you an online prescription as well. I live in Sweden and it took less than a week to receive my meds. But I think they ship to the Americas and Australia as well.

  2. Please avoid the so-called generic pharmacies if you plan to buy Tamiflu over the internet. Here is what I found on Health Canada website
    “Health Canada is advising consumers to be cautious if buying the prescription drug Tamiflu over the Internet and to avoid any products claiming to be “generic” Tamiflu, as there are no authorized generic versions of the antiviral on the market.”
    I have personal experience with fake generic diet pills(Orlistat) from a foreign online generic pharmacy. I was lucky to get a refund after calling the website owners many times. I flushed the fake pills down the toilet and got brand ones from my doctor. But this time it’s different. What will you do when you will realize that you or somebody in your family has got swine flu and after taking the “generic Tamiflu” pills for a while you will realize that they are fake and not working?? And what if Tamiflu in the local pharmacy will be out of stock? If you plan to buy Tamiflu then make sure it is genuine Tamiflu made by Roche.

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