Who Has Used Reductil Successfully?

I am interested in trying reductil. Does it work ? I have just tried accomplia without success. i used adifax years ago which was great. I am hoping that reductil is similar in that it stops the brain wanting the bad carbs?
Advice anyone ?.

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  1. I have not tried this, but I have to advise you not to fall into the hype of products that “make you lose weight.” The only thing that can stop you from wanting bad carbs is you having a strong desire to change. If you don’t really want it deep down, its not going to happen.

  2. I used adifax years ago and agree that it was fantastic. Have been using reductil as I only want to lose 10kgs. Have tried all different types of exercise watching what I eat but the weight won’t budge.
    Adifax was alot better. With adifax I kept the weight off for 9 years

  3. I used it, and it caused problems with urination (read the label). See http://www.drugs.com SEARCHBAR.
    EATING PLANS: The idea is to become a grazer, eating mostly low calorie/kilojoule foods, and having several mealtimes, well spaced apart, so you never get hungry.
    Go to: h t t p : / / c h o o s e d i e t . b l o g s p o t . c o m (you should type it in the usual manner) and select one, possibly changing, later. Eat 6 – 8 small meals, daily, with a little protein in each, preceded 20 minutes earlier with a large glass of water: this speeds up weight loss. Snack on any amount of celery sticks, with the occasional carrot stick, and/or slices of cucumber, tomato, bell pepper/capsicum, or raw onion, in any vinegar (a little salt & pepper/chilli powder is OK, but no oil, or sugar! Rinse your mouth with water, later, if using vinegar.
    Your body needs a small amount of [ preferably olive, grapeseed, or premium coconut* ] oil, daily, to be healthy: about 2 teaspoonsful, if not getting it in the rest of your food intake already). Understand and accept that many people use food in an attempt to fill an emotional void, which is unhealthy, and never works. Others eat out of boredom, so have plenty of things to keep you occupied.
    Sometimes I use http://www.stumbleupon.com/ or http://www.coolsiteoftheday.com/ EATING PLANS: See http://www.foodaddiction.org and http://www.ediets.com/ and http://www.oa.org/index.htm and http://www.obesitydiscussion.com/ and http://www.fatloss4idiots.com EATING DISORDERS: http://emotionalhealth.ivillage.com/… and http://www.eating-disorder-research.com/ and http://www.webhealth.com/wiki/eating_dis… and http://www.edreferral.com and http://www.something-fishy.org/dangers/d… and http://www.helpguide.org/mental/eating_d… andhttp://www.selfhelpmagazine.com/articles… andhttp://www.addictions.net/ Call EDAP on (USA) 1-800-931-2237 (8am – noon, Pacific Time) & Eating Disorders Center: USA 1-888-236-1188. More at: http://www.coolnurse.com/hotlines.htm A twelve step plan is at http://www.therecoverygroup.org/newcomer… EATING DISORDERS (this from http://www.pamf.org/)
    847-831-3438 (USA)
    National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
    Hotline, Counseling and Referrals
    (go to http://www.pamf/.org for direct links to these)
    Overeaters Anonymous
    Find a local group.
    (direct link at http://www.pamf.org/)
    Weight Watchers
    Find a local group.
    (direct link at http://www.pamf.org/)
    National Eating Disorders Association
    Information on eating disorders and referrals for treatment.
    Also view hypnotism for weight loss (if fairly suggestible) at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris in section 81. Put: “nutritional type” in the taskbar, at * http://www.mercola.com/ and enter: find out what yours is, and build an eating plan around it for the future: include considerable variety, so that you never get bored with it. Work up slowly to at least 20 minutes minutes of exercise, daily, or 30 – 60 mns, 5 times weekly.

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