Why Do You Get High On Ambien/zolpidem?

I cant sleep so take a pill sometimes ajd now im really out, its like something in is changing insside my brain, and its really fun thinking about stuff cause and nothing is making sense now,. so im gonna go to bed now but why isnt it illrgsal you gert reslly high of oit and do stupid stuuf. so this is leg
goal but not weed.
ok goodnight 🙂.

One thought to “Why Do You Get High On Ambien/zolpidem?”

  1. You have discovered a secret. lol. Just kidding, but you wont remember posting this tomorrow. Zolpidem and the rest of the ‘Z’ drugs increase activity in your brains frontal lobes. These areas of your brain are in charge of your judgment, memory, and personality. So you might (as they say in the commercials) drive, have sex with amnesia for the event. I have heard anecdotaly that the average driver under the influence of Ambien is more dangerous than a normal drunk driver. Have fun, be careful.
    Oh, yeah and its Schedule 4 in America, so it IS regulated by the DEA, and possession is illegal. Other drugs in C4 group are benzo’s, barbiturates (both tranquillizers), and steroids.

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