Why Is Codeine Mostly Prescribed With Paracetamol?

Apart from very serious cases? Wouldn’t it be healthier and less damaging to use just codeine as paracetamol is not good for long term use as it eats away at the liver..

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  1. Paracetamol’s risks are much over-rated. It’s only those who have chronic medical/nutritional problems and use it regularly throughout the day every day over a very long period of time who need to consider the possibility. The dose of codeine in such circumstances is actually the factor that limits the maximum number of combination pills one can take, because of its side-effect profile. And those in chronic, unremitting pain who might be at risk for hepatotoxicity, are better served by other narcotics.

  2. For the vast majority of people codeine does not work well as a painkiller on it’s own. It tends to just constipate people.
    If you give paracetamol and codeine together it actually has an effect greater than the sum of the other two on their own.
    Paracetamol is fine for long term use as long as it is taken at no more than the recomended maximum dose (1g four times a day, at least 4 hours apart, no more that 4g in 24 hours).

  3. I feel the same way myself. I was quite recently put on a dose of 2 x cocodamol 30, 4 times a day. Naturally, I wanted to wean myself off it asap, so I would try cutting down. If one tablet didn’t do it, I’d try a cc30 and one paracetamol; but if that didn’t do I couldn’t take any more codeine until I was allowed the next dose, because I’d had my maximum safe quota of paracetamol. A bit of ibuprofen helped; but not much!
    Also, I would normally avoid paracetamol; but the codeine didn’t come without it.

  4. paracetamol for long-term pain relief at low doses ( <1g ) in healthy people is perfectly fine. it's only when the metabolites start to build up (in overdose) that you have problems.
    also, codeine on its own is not a very effective painkiller, but combined with APAP or oibuprofen it works much better.

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