Why Is There Such A Stigma Against Valium?

I have taken Xanax, Klonopin, Zoloft and Prozac amongst other drugs..but recently got on Valium and find it the least “addictive” of all those drugs. I’ve also done a lot of online research..

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  1. There is much less stigma against diazepam…LOL.
    Dummies have learned to associate “Valium”‘ with “tranquilizer” and we all know that tranquilizers are only used by degenerates who want to get high. If they had any moral fiber, they wouldn’t need to pop pills. No, its better for people to go nuts and wear down their bodies with stress than get hooked on some pill!! Haven’t you heard?
    Seriously, Xanax is the worst benzodiazepine, in my not very humble opinion.
    I think Warren means Quaalude (Methaqualone), not Valium.
    Benzodiazepines have a very safe index (difference between effective and lethal dose). Methaqualone is completely different. Combining it with alcohol was often deadly. No so with benzodiazepines.

  2. Valium can be addictive…just think about all the women who were prescribed it initially for anxiety…years ago, it was known as the `non-addictive` wonderdrug and now can`t live without it….if it is abused! which is different to use! it can be a an effective anti-anxiety medication….lot`s of people who `misuse` or `abuse` some illegal substances also take Valium along with them, according to some `abusers`enhances the effect of the other substance….thus probably creating some further dependence…I believe it`s also a drug that needs to be withdrawn from the body gradually as it can produce some withdrawel effects….and this is done as a precaution. I`m surprised you haven`t found all this out during your research……and quite probably your not abusing the drug, but using it the way it should be used……I guess any drug that`s `abused` will cause some problems….I`m not a doctor, I`m only going on experience and also research…..this might all be totally wrong!! .hope this helps..and is `food for thought`

  3. There is such a stigma because it has been heavily abused, and many people find it very addictive. Any drug that alters your state of consciousness/functioning that heavily must be dealt with great care since there is such a huge market out there for recreational/abusive drugs. Under the supervision of a medical professional, though, there is a much lesser chance of problems, though.

  4. Valium can be dangerous. Google Karen Quinlan for an illustration.
    Like many drugs, it doesn’t affect everyone the same way.
    Since Valium is somewhat unpredictable mixing it with other drugs, including alcohol, can be extremely dangerous. I have only taken Valium once, and I will admit that it helped me get through a painful back strain, but I would rather not ever take it again.

  5. Well, contrary to what your online research may indicate, Valium is actually quite addictive. The frightening thing about an addiction to Valium is that sudden withdrawal can result in vomiting, convulsions, Grand Mal seizures, and even death. Valium, by and of itself, is really an excellent drug. Valium is a good muscle relaxant. It has been used to treat unrelenting hiccups (as humorous as that sounds, it can be very serious) Conversely to its symptoms of withdrawal, Valium can be used to relieve psychomotor seizures. The biggest problem with Valium is that for a long time, it was one of only a very few medications available for use and was therefore very much overused. If you were depressed, you got Valium. If you were anxious, you got Valium. If your back ached, you got Valium. And doctors kept reordering it over and over because it worked so well, never realizing until much later how dependent their patients were becoming. When it started to dawn on the doctors that their patients were addicted, they yanked them off the Valium and people started foaming at the mouth and dying. Doctors now are very slow to prescribe Valium, which is a shame, because it is a very good medication. Just be aware that although there may not be a true psychological addiction to Valium, there is a very real physical addiction. Never stop Valium cold; always taper your dosage. The longer you have been taking Valium, the longer you should take to slowly cut down your dosage. Fortunately, most doctors are now aware of this, but you should also be aware, just in case.

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