Will Taking A Valium Before I Get A Tattoo Affect The Results?

I know that alcohol will thin out your blood and ruin a good tattoo, but what about a valium? I am a total pain wimp and about 50mgs of valium have always done the trick..

10 thoughts on “Will Taking A Valium Before I Get A Tattoo Affect The Results?

  1. cpt m

    I would advise it….and as for the alcohol, you can have a shot or 2 just
    before getting the tat to calm your
    If you drink heavily the night before, then you will bleed in excess.

  2. mouse

    I don’t think it will alter the results, but any good tattoo parlor will not tattoo you while under the influence. just in case any complications occur then they can’t be held responsible.
    And don’t be such a wimp remember- Pain doesn’t last forever, but a good tattoo does. !

  3. Nadezda *

    Trust me, i’ve taken drugs before geting a tattoo; I think it not only increases the way the pain feels, but it can make you pass out after a few minutes. Trust me when I say its no fun having a needle break during a tattoo, because you could’nt stay upright & still.

  4. JS

    It may reduce the pain but out of the 20-something tattoos, the only ones I have ever gotten light-headed or passed out on were the two times I have taken pain medication. The reason for this is that the meds will lower your blood pressure. If for some reason you choose to ignore this advice be sure and keep your blood sugar high. Eat a Snicker bar before and snack if you have any breaks. Unless you are getting a large tattoo requiring many hours…the pain should not be too bad. Besides…tattoos are earned by enduring the pain. Otherwise it is not a rite of passage…it is merely a purchase, much like a new shirt. On another note….do not take tylenol or asprin. These products will thin your blood causing you to bleed more….alcohol does the same. Marijuana will intensify the pain. Stay sober and earn your tattoo. Besides 50mg of Valium is a huge dose…even for me and I am a large person.

    1. Marpul86

      If you want to use Marijuana properly, take a CBD capsule for pain and inflammation, and an indica edible for relaxation. These combined have allowed me to sit for 8 hours plus with no shaking or movement. And have even done 13 hours but that was at the limit of the effectiveness. Unless you smoke one joint every hour or two throughout your tattoo session, which you can’t do in the majority of reputable parlors, you will come down off your high and that’s when the pain would set in worse than if you didn’t smoke any at all. By digesting rather than smoking Marijuana, your body releases it slower into your bloodstream and doesn’t wear off nearly as fast.

  5. 'Sunnyside Up'

    Your best avenue for that advice is to contact the pharmacist that gave you the valium. If you didn’t get it from them (naughty, naughty) but from someone else that gave you one for the tatoo parlor visit, then call any pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist. They will know the exact answer for that question.

  6. Ionic Foot Detox

    I took a loretab before getting my first tattoo done. It helped with the pain, but after the artist was done with the lining I was completely green! I had to get some sugar in my body, walk around and get some air. I was all sweaty even though the temp in the shop was 60 degrees. Sure, it’ll help with the pain…but you’ll be sick too. I didn’t puke or anything, but If I had sat in the chair the whole time without taking a break I would have.

  7. ਸ਼ਰਾਰਤੀ Shareef

    Why would you want to walk around fronting all the time like you’re Mr. Badass with tattoos (=you can take pain)…when you didn’t actually take the pain? Kinda like a smack in the face to all the people around who are accepting the 4 conditions of a tattoo (Trouble, Pain, Stigma, Permanence).
    Bliss (above) had a great line:
    “Otherwise it’s not a rite of passage…it’s a purchase.” 2 thumbs up

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