Xenical, Reductil And Acomplia?

Has anyone ever bought these slimming pills off the internet? What were your experiences, did they work, and did you suffer and side effects? Thanks.

One thought to “Xenical, Reductil And Acomplia?”

  1. Xenical might make you poop in your pants. It might also give you wet farts and loss of bowel control. It happens when you take it and have some foods with fat in it. Look up the side effects, this product was never popular because of the side effects.
    Reductil is good, it works, but you still need to diet and exercise. That goes for all these pills, but your probably better off getting phentermine because its cheaper. This one is also bad for people with heart problems or are too old or too fat, same with phentermine.
    Acomplia is not FDA approved (not sure what country you live in) but its not approved because it caused a lot of people to get depressed and suicidal. Basically if you ever had depression, you dont want to take this and you should be real careful if you take it and start feeling depressed.

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